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County Auditor & Court House
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Office Hours

8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Monday - Friday

Phone Numbers

Office: 712.328.5700
Fax: 712.328.4740
TDD: 712.328.5634 or 800.735.2942
Email: Pottawattamie County Elections

Absentee Requirements

Any registered voter in Iowa may request to vote their ballot absentee.  Absentee is the term used to describe any ballot that is not voted at the polls on Election Day. There are several ways to vote absentee:

  • To vote absentee by mail you must complete a request form.  You may contact the Auditor’s office to request that a form be sent to you. Once completed, please return the form to the Auditor’s office.  Absentee request forms are also available here from the Secretary of State.
  • To be sent an absentee ballot by mail, the Auditor’s Office must receive your Absentee Ballot Request form by 5pm on the Friday 11 days before the Election (10 days before a General Election)
  • In person absentee voting is available in the Auditor’s office during regular business hours (8am-4:30pm).  The deadline for in person absentee is 5pm on the Monday before the election.
  • Additionally, during general elections absentee voting may be made available at various satellite locations in Pottawattamie County.  Please contact the Auditor’s office to see if there are any satellite locations scheduled.

Absentee ballots returned by mail to the Auditor’s office must be postmarked on or before the Monday immediately preceding the Election to be counted.

Instructions on how to vote your absentee ballot will be included with your ballot but are also available here.

Track Your Absentee Ballot

If you have requested an absentee ballot from the Auditor’s Office follow this link to track your ballot to make sure it gets returned to the Auditor’s office to be counted.

Military and Overseas Voters

The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) makes absentee voting available to military personnel, eligible family members of military personnel, and any United States citizen residing outside of the country.  These voters are eligible to vote in Pottawattamie if they currently have a permanent address in Pottawattamie County or if the last address they had in the United States was in Pottawattamie County.

UOCAVA voters should complete a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) to receive an absentee ballot.  The completed FPCA form should be emailed to Pottawattamie County Elections or mailed into the Auditor’s office.  The FPCA serves as both a voter registration form and an absentee ballot request form.

For more information please visit fvap.gov or the Iowa Secretary of State’s website.

College Students

Students from Pottawattamie County have several options when it comes to voting:

  • College students may choose to keep their Pottawattamie County address and either return home to vote in person on Election Day, vote a Pottawattamie County ballot by mail, or vote in person absentee at the Auditor’s office.
  • Students may also choose to register in their new state or county and cast a ballot in that jurisdiction. Students should contact their new local election officials for more information.


Health Care Facility Residents

Under Iowa law the county auditor must send a bipartisan team of election officials to hand deliver ballots to residents of health care facilities, assist in the voting of the residents, and return the ballots safely to the Auditor’s office where they are securely stored until they are counted.  Voting at health care facilities is often coordinated through the activities department at each facility so please check with the staff to obtain a ballot request form to be brought a ballot.

Hospital Patients

Voters who are admitted to a hospital or health care facility in the three days immediately prior to an election may request an absentee ballot and it will be hand delivered to them to vote and then returned to the Auditor’s office.  Please contact the Auditor’s office immediatley if you are hospitalized and would like to vote.

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