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Lunch and Learn Summaries:

* June Lunch and Learn Flyer

Sanders ATA  Martial Arts Shane Sanders presented information on self defense and personal safety.  Shane demonstrated several self defense moves and had the employees practice them.  He also explained how to be aware of your surroundings for personal safety.

*May Lunch and Learn Recap

Mike Uhrlab and Megan Higgins from Flex Physical Therapy discussed a Power Point presentation concerning obesity and metabolic syndrome.  They provided much information on the negative effects of sugar in the body, how our body stores fat and much more.  See the Power Point Presentation for more information.

*April 20, 2017 Lunch and Learn recap

Marlys Lien from the Council Bluffs Public Library provided some very useful information about their online library.  She discussed several different sites used to download movies, music, audio books, ebooks and more.  Library users are able to download this information with their library card.  Attached is a list of the sites used by the library.

Peak Performance and Excel Physical Therapy Lunch and Learn Recap

* Rise Up, Lunch and Learn presented by Jennifer Jacobsen of Lockton

* Notes from the Lunch and Learn on January 12, 2017 from the YMCA

The YMCA offers many activities and programs to members or nonmembers. Please visit their website at A program that not many may know of is that the YMCA offers Medically Based Wellness Programs available for anyone (member or nonmember) that meet the requirements of the program.  Individuals that enroll in any of the Medically Based Wellness Programs may be eligible for a free membership to the YMCA for the duration of the program.  Pamphlets are available from Elizabeth Glenn in the Board of Supervisors.

Healthy Options:

Wellness Links: – Great website for motivational messages

Regional Wellness Websites:

In the Spotlight

Hope 4 Iowa

The HOPE 4 IOWA Crisis Call Line connects individuals in crisis to a helping hand and the resources to address and improve mental wellness. Available 24/7. For more information visit our website here.








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