County Code

The county codes represent a codification of guidelines for the government of Pottawattamie County. These codes may define procedures and regulations regarding specific aspects of county government. The documents made available on this page are subject to change, and although every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy, they may not represent current county code. For questions regarding these codes please contact the Board of Supervisors by phone at 712.328.5644.

Chapter Description
1.10 Code of Conduct
1.20 Procurement Policy
1.30 Accepting and Reporting of Gifts
1.40 Local Option Sales and Service Tax
1.45 Voting Precinct Boundaries
1.50 Schedule of Fees
1.75 Violations and Penalties
1.85 Tap-On Recovery Fees
1.95 Tax Sale Certificate
3.10 Drug Paraphernalia
3.15 Civil Emergencies
3.20 Conservation Board Lands Rules and Regulations
3.30 Motor Vehicles
3.40 Discharging Firearms within 1000′ of school property
3.50 Animal Control
3.55 Sexually Oriented Businesses
3.60 High Risk Sexual Conduct
3.80 Disorderly House
3.90 Jail Loitering
4.10 Veteran Affairs
5.05 Sanitary Landfill and Incinerator Siting
5.10 Hazardous Substances
5.25 Yard Waste Separation
5.30 Flood Plain Management
5.40 Chapter 5 40 Illegal Dumping Ordinance
5.50 Chapter 5.5 Septic Code
Referenced State Code Dept. of Natural Resources 567, IA Admin. Code Ch. 69
5.60 Private Water Wells
Referenced State Code Dept. of Natural Resources 567, IA Admin. Code Ch. 38
  Referenced State Code Dept. of Natural Resources 567, IA  Admin. Code Ch. 49
Referenced State Code Dept. of Natural Resources 567, IA Admin. Code Ch. 82
5C Properly Plugging Abandoned Wells
7.05 Courthouse Parking
7.10 Driving on Levees
7.20 Road Classification
7.30 Uniform Rural Addressing
7.40 Entrance Permits
7.50 Winter Parking Restrictions
7.60 Secondary Road Snow & Ice Clearance and Maintenance Policy
8 Zoning Ordinance
9 Subdivision Ordinance
10 Building Code
IAC Chapter 661-301
IAC Chapter 661-303
IAC Chapter 661-350
11 Industrial Property Tax Value Added Exemption


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Pottawattamie County Emergency Notification System

The Alert Iowa system serves all residents within Pottawattamie County and it's Communities.

The Pottawattamie County Emergency Management Agency has implemented The Alert Iowa system, a high-speed notification solution and Weather Warning service. This no-charge service is available to businesses.

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